Winter is quickly approaching. As we prepare ourselves to get comfortable with extra layers, warm beverages, and crackling fires, so too do pests. In fact, many pests seek shelter indoors in order to survive the winter. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them in.

There are many different techniques you can employ to winterize your home from pests. Check out our four-step process below to help keep unwanted visitors out of your home this winter.

Examine Your Home

Colder weather makes your home even more inviting for pests both big and small. Before it’s too late, be sure to check the exterior of your home. Inspect the walls and ensure that all crevices and small openings are closed. No opening is too small to discount. A mouse only needs a hole as small as a dime to squeeze through.

Seek out holes by looking for light that comes through cracks and look for any potential entryways by checking for air movement.

Seal Any Openings

Rodents and pests can find many ways to enter your home but it’s important to seal off obvious entryways like windows and door frames. Check for broken or chipped caulking as everyday wear and tear can easily lead to damage. To cover any openings, use quick dry cement, caulk, or foam for smaller cracks and consider installing door sweeps to ensure that doors are fully sealed.

If you have screens, check for existing holes and make sure they fit tightly. You also want to check your home’s foundation and wood, as water-damaged flooring is an easy entry for pests.

Eliminate Habitats

In order to fully winterize your home, remove potential habitats like leftover debris and fallen leaves that have accumulated over the fall months. Take the time to clean out your gutters, basement, and attic where pests can hide out. Trash is an optimal food source so you’ll want to move trash cans and firewood away from the house, and be sure to keep cans tightly closed at all times.

And speaking of food, store dry foods in sealable glass or metal jars and keep cupboards and cabinets clean of crumbs. Any leftover scraps of food are an open invitation for some unwanted guests.

Call the Pros

When you begin winterizing your home, consider calling us at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s. Our experts will inspect your home and can spot potential entry points that you might have overlooked. We’ll prep your home with an integrated pest management program and environmentally friendly tactics to keep pests out.

The colder months are a great opportunity to cuddle up by the fireplace, read a book, or spend time with family members. But before you get too cozy, be sure to take necessary measures to ensure your home is properly winterized and pest-free. 

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