Summertime brings the ticks out in Fredericksburg, VA. These tiny arachnids feed on blood and transmit diseases to people. However, they also cause problems for your pets. Both cats and dogs deal with these pests and are prone to infections and allergies from tick bites. They’re also susceptible to illnesses such as Lyme disease, so it’s important to protect your animals from these pests as summer arrives.

How Ticks Get Onto Your Pet

A tick latches onto dogs and cats as they brush against tall grasses. This pest rests on the tips of grass blades and waits for a human or an animal to pass by. Once a tick grabs onto your pet, it burrows through the fur to the skin below. Because cats groom themselves often, they don’t get as many tick infestations as dogs or other animals do.

Do Ticks Transmit Diseases to Pets?

After the tick reaches your pet’s skin, it bites down and gorges on blood until it’s full. It may stay attached to the skin for two or three days before releasing its grip and falling to the ground. Though it’s not common, a tick can transmit Lyme and Ehrlichia diseases to your pet while they’re consuming blood.

Tick Prevention Tips for the Summer

  1. Treat your pet monthly with a veterinary-approved medication. Topical creams, collars, and other products are available to combat these bloodthirsty pests.
  2. Inspect your dog after it plays outside. It’s likely that it will walk through tick-infested grass and weeds. You may find a tick in the fur before it latches onto your pet’s skin.
  3. Maintain your lawn on a regular basis. Mow the grass short to prevent tall grasses where these pests like to congregate. It’s also a good idea to pull up the weeds and keep the shrubs trimmed back.

Professional Tick Control for Your Home

You don’t have to deal with tick infestations this summer in Fredericksburg, VA. Contact Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s to schedule a free, no-obligation inspection with our certified professionals. Though a tick is more of a nuisance to your pet, it can still cause problems such as allergic reactions. Our pest management professionals will inspect your yard for these blood-sucking pests and treat them with the proper tick control methods, giving you a tick-free home all summer long.

A Pet’s Parasite: Ticks in Fredericksburg in Virginia

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