Learn about summertime wasps in the Virginia area - Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor'sEveryone looks forward to summertime in Northern Virginia. Warming temperatures bring about more opportunities to spend time outdoors. Unfortunately, wasps love the warmer weather as much as you do! There are three summertime wasps that tend to be most prevalent this time of year: yellow jackets, mud daubers, and paper wasps. If you see signs of stinging insect activity or nests built near your home or business, it’s important to stay away and call your local pest control company. Keep reading for facts on these summertime wasps from the experts at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s.

Common Wasps in the Summer

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are the most common and most infamous type of wasp. In the summer, particularly late summer, these wasps can get very aggressive. Their nests can contain upwards of or more than 1,000 workers, making them very dangerous to knock down without the help of a professional. These wasps usually will not bother you unless they feel threatened. When they do sting, yellow jackets are capable of stinging repeatedly.

Mud Daubers

Just as their name suggests, mud daubers build nests out of mud. These wasps can be easily told apart from other stinging insects because they are mostly black with light-colored markings or a metallic sheen. Their bodies are long and slender with a thread-like waist. Their nests are often located in covered areas, particularly sheds and attics. Mud daubers are less social than many types of wasps, and are also less aggressive–they will only sting unless threatened or handled.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps construct umbrella-shaped nests in a paper-like material. These nests often hang from tree branches and twigs, as well as porch ceilings and door railings. A mature nest can have between 20-30 adult wasps living inside. While social in nature, paper wasps are not as aggressive as yellow jackets. However, they may sting to defend their nests, which can be rather dangerous. Paper wasp stings are especially potent and could trigger an allergic reaction, making it important to avoid their nests.

Common summertime wasps in Virginia - Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's.

Tips for Preventing Summertime Wasps

To prevent encounters with wasps this it’s important to regularly keep an eye out for nests that may have formed on or near your property. To avoid getting stung when you go outdoors, it’s important to stay away from things that attract wasps. Avoid leaving food or drinks outdoors, seal your garbage cans securely, and install screens on your windows and doors. Never swat at wasps to avoid making them more aggressive and likely to sting.

How to Stay Safe From Wasps

If you do notice a wasp problem or a nest, always contact a professional wasp control expert. Wasp nests can contain many more stinging insects than you think, making it a risk to attempt to knock it down yourself. The team at Ehrlich has the experience needed to provide wasp control services in a way that is safe for you and your family.

3 Summertime Wasps You May Encounter in Virginia

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