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Bird control  – Exclusion and Cleanup

Birds are beautiful creatures beloved by most people who enjoy watching their flight outdoors. But once they invade a building or an area, birds can create serious problems with their nests and droppings. More than that, their germs and parasites can cause as many as 60 different diseases, infections, and illnesses in humans. Some of these diseases include salmonella, meningitis, encephalitis and more. Connor’s is dedicated to providing bird removal services that keep everyone safe.

Damage caused by birds

Bird-proofing your home

Bird exclusion services

Birds and the damage they cause

Even though birds are treasured by many, that doesn’t mean they don’t cause a lot of damage in certain settings.
Some of the problems birds can bring to properties include:

  • Large amounts of noise
  • Gutter and drainage clogs from nests
  • Building damage from nests and feces
  • Shingles and siding damage from pecking and roosting birds
  • Metal, concrete, and paint corrosion from bird droppings
  • Contamination of equipment and other products

Types of nuisance birdsBird exclusion, control and cleanup services in Virginia at Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's

There are a number of bird species that often warrant professional help to control or remove:

  • Pigeons: Known as one of the dirtiest birds, pigeons get this moniker because of their lack of housekeeping skills. Their nests can quickly turn into a trove of feces, debris, and more.
  • Starlings: Known for going to the bathroom right where they eat, starlings travel in huge numbers and enjoy congregating in grassy areas. They prefer to nest in buildings, trees, and any nook they can find.
  • Sparrows: This aggressive bird will fight for food and makes a lot of noise in the process. They like to start fights with other birds and, when in the city, are prone to nesting in buildings
  • Grackles: A bird that likes to travel in packs, grackles are noisy and create a huge amount of waste around them. They are also aggressive, consuming a large amount of food as they travel through.
  • Geese: They’re known to be extremely territorial and will attack if you get close to their nests, which are very big and seem to be everywhere.
  • Gulls: Seagulls aren’t just found near oceans, but any body of water such as a lake or river. They’ll eat anything, and the resulting droppings can cause structural damage.

Bird control and exclusion services

Bird prevention and elimination is no job for amateurs. If birds on or near your property are causing damage or getting out of hand, it’s time to call in a professional. Connor’s provides safe and effective bird control, exclusion, and cleanup services.

Bird Control, Exclusion and Cleanup in Virginia

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