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Your suitcase is packed, the tickets are booked, and you’re ready to venture off on the vacation you’ve been planning for months. But what are you forgetting? During your travels, you could be picking up some unwanted hitchhikers along the way: bed bugs! Bed bug problems can often be traced back to traveling, as these pests often hitch a ride on suitcases and are found in hotels. To avoid bringing these uninvited guests back home with you after a trip, read on to learn some of Connor’s tips for preventing bed bugs while traveling.

Bed bug prevention travel tips

  1. Keep bed bugs out of your luggage.
    • You can reduce the risk of picking up bed bugs if you have a suitcase with a hard, smooth outer casing.
    • If you already have a cloth or canvas suitcase, it’s still possible to make it harder for bed bugs to hitch a ride: Wrap all of your clothing and any other cloth items in plastic bags when packing.
  2. Research hotels before you book.
    • Look to see if any past customers mention bed bug problems at the hotel you are considering. The hotel itself is not going to be upfront about this information.
  3. Inspect your hotel room when you arrive.
    • Before you settle into a hotel room, even if the location has wonderful reviews, take a moment to inspect the room for signs of bed bugs.
    • Pull back the bed sheets, and look between the mattress and box spring for any signs of eggs, feces, or skin that has been shed. When you look at the surface of the mattress, you might find tiny specks of blood where the bugs have bitten previous guests.
  4. Keep your luggage out of reach.
    • Keep your things out of the reach of bed bugs by using suitcase racks or keep your luggage on top of dressers or other furniture.
    • You can also keep your luggage in your lap when riding in taxis, airplanes, or other forms of public transportation.
  5. Take precautions when you return home.
    • Wash and dry all of your clothing in hot water after your trip.
    • Thoroughly vacuum or steam clean your suitcase before you store it.
    • Pay careful attention to the lining and any pockets where the bugs could be hiding.

Professional bed bug treatment

Despite all your efforts to avoid the issue, you’ve found bed bugs in your luggage after a trip. The best thing to do to avoid the issue getting even worse is to call a professional for help. Bed bugs can spread without you noticing, which is why it’s essential to enlist help as soon as possible. The experts at Connor’s Termite & Pest Control know how to treat your home for bed bugs promptly and effectively. Call us today to learn more!

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