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Bed bugs are a serious problem that can infest your home quickly without preventative action. The most frightening aspect of these pests is that every home is vulnerable, even if you maintain a clean and tidy environment. Bed bugs spread via exposed luggage, discarded furniture, and transported clothing, making them more of a threat than you may think. Thankfully, there are many things you can do when it comes to keeping bed bugs out of your home. In general, being aware of the threat of bed bugs is the best defense against an infestation. 

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out

There are a number of bed bug prevention tips you can do to keep bed bugs out of your home. Although it may go without saying, keeping your home clean and tidy can seriously lessen your risk of getting bed bugs:

  • Vacuum the floor: Bed bugs can live in crevices, cracks in the floor, and carpeting. When vacuuming, pay special attention to where the floor and wall meet, which provides a good hiding spot for the tiny bugs.
  • Clean your pet’s bed: Bed bugs have been known to take up residence in the beds where your pets sleep. Check their beds just like you’d check your own, and thoroughly clean them as much as possible
  • Clean up clutter: Excess clutter in the home essentially provides more hiding spaces for bed bugs. Make sure to keep your surroundings free of messes.

Keeping bed bugs away for good

In addition to cleaning, there are several more bed bugs solutions that make your home less inhabitable for bed bugs. Try the following tips for keeping bed bugs away for good:

  1. Look for physical signs: Bed bugs leave behind dark fecal spots on mattresses and upholstery, along with pale-yellow shell casings and their white, sticky eggs. Bed bug bites on exposed skin are usually red, itchy, and appear in rows or zigzags.
  2. Cover power outlets: Though it doesn’t seem like an obvious spot, power outlets are ideal hiding spots for bed bugs. Cover the outlets with a simple outlet plug to help deter them.
  3. Store clothes in vacuum-sealed bags: Vacuum-sealed bags help provide a barrier between your clothing and wandering bed bugs.
  4. Cover your mattress: A sturdy mattress cover that can withstand tears or holes will be extremely helpful in keeping bed bugs away from your mattress.
  5. Be wary of used items: Buying used household items can offer a lot of benefits, but they can also transport bed bugs. Make sure to always thoroughly check any used item before bringing it home.
  6. Take care while traveling: Travelers unknowingly spread bed bugs they pick up from hotel rooms and carry with them on their luggage or clothing. Keep your luggage and clothing off the floor and beds, and make sure to fully inspect your hotel room for signs of infestations before settling in.

Getting professional help for bed bugs

If you discover bed bugs in your home, your first instinct may be to fight them on your own right away. Though there are ways to help rid your home of bed bugs yourself, it can also make matters worse. Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of and it also typically takes more than one treatment to eliminate them completely. The bed bug exterminators at Ehrlich will work with you to make sure your needs are taken care of as we work to fully eliminate bed bugs. We will also help you learn more tips for keeping bed bugs out of your home once and for all. Contact us today!

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Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Your Home in Virginia

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