Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor's provides commercial bed bug inspections in Virginia

As bed bug infestations continue to be a concern in the commercial sector, bed bug control measures have become a modern business essential. Controlling bed bugs in commercial buildings requires the most advanced tools and resources in the industry, and Ehrlich Pest Control, formerly Connor’s is proud to offer the best commercial bed bug inspections. We are dedicated to being leaders in bed bug control and prevention methods, making us uniquely equipped to take on bed bug infestations in any industry.

Bed bug inspection services

During the initial visit, our technician will thoroughly inspect your facility to look for evidence of bed bugs. Because our technicians have years of experience, an infestation can almost always be accurately assessed in a timely matter. However, commercial properties often require a bit more effort, especially in the case of detecting low-level infestations in large areas such as hotels. In this circumstance, we are proud to use our K-9 bed bug inspectors. When using our bed bug dogs, who can detect odors 10,000 times better than humans, we are able to more accurately locate any bed bug problems in a commercial setting.

Canine bed bug inspection

Bed bug dogs use their keen sense of smell to detect live bed bugs and bed bug eggs with a high degree of accuracy in a small amount of time. Additionally, they can pinpoint the infestation to a particular area, which may eliminate the need for broadcast chemical treatment. They may be used to determine if treatment is necessary, if the treatment worked, and can be used on an ongoing preventive basis (monthly, quarterly, or biannually).

Professional commercial bed bug inspections

Bed bug control and elimination requires trained professionals. It takes hard work, professional experience, and follow-up treatments to ensure the infestation is entirely gone. Ehrlich is proud to offer comprehensive protection plans to our clients, which allows us to prevent bed bugs and other pests from infesting your property throughout the entire year. To learn more about how we can sniff out bed bugs in your commercial property, give our team a call today!

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Commercial Bed Bug Inspections in Virginia

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