Yellow Jackets

A small yellow jacket nest in your yard or outside of your business could turn into a big problem. Beyond being just annoying, yellow jackets can cause medical emergencies for people who are allergic to stings.

The German yellow jacket is the most common yellow jacket species on the east coast. Aggressive predators, yellow jackets are easily provoked, attack in force and travel long distances to sting their prey. When yellow jackets sting, they mark their targets with chemicals that alert other yellow jackets to sting. And unlike bees, yellow jackets can sting multiple times. 

Signs of a Yellow Jacket Problem

Yellow jacket activity peaks between May and August, when they seek out enough food for the nest to survive the winter. During this time, they become more aggressive and will fly further from the nest to find food. This means the chance of getting stung skyrockets, making your yellow jacket problem worse. 

Yellow jackets typically nest in soft ground like that found in backyards, near bushes or in flower beds. Because the only visible signs of yellow jacket nests are tiny holes in the ground, these nests are especially hard to spot. Yellow jackets always post a ‘guard’ just inside the nest. If you see the guard yellow jacket poke its head out of a hole in the ground, or if you see yellow jackets flying in and out of a spot on the ground, you have found a nest.

Simply walking past a nest can provoke yellow jackets. If you find a yellow jacket nest, try to not disturb it. Get away from area fast and keep people and pets away from the area until the pests are eliminated. 

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets

Getting rid of yellow jackets is best left to the experts. We know the best techniques to eliminate them quickly and effectively. 

To get rid of yellow jackets we use environmentally responsible products to eliminate them at the source. Our products target the yellow jackets, not your family or furry friends. To prevent the yellow jackets from resurfacing in the future, we use exclusion techniques to seal entry holes. Once treatment begins, we follow-up until the yellow jackets are gone. Along the way, we clean up any affected areas and safely dispose of any waste.

Yellow jackets pose a major health risk to your family. We eliminate them before disaster can strike.