Wasps and Hornets

Wasps and hornets strike fear in many homeowners. In addition to painful stings, wasp and hornet venom can trigger life-threatening reactions in those who are allergic to it.

While wasps and hornets may appear similar, they have different habits and nest types. Wasps are categorized as social or solitary. Social wasps like yellowjackets and baldfaced hornets have large colonies and work to build nests for a queen to lay her eggs. These nests are typically found alongside garages, roofs or inside walls. Solitary wasps like cicada killers and ground bees do not form colonies and often build their nests in wood or soft piles of soil – making them a nuisance in lawns, gardens and playgrounds.

Behavior also differentiates wasps from hornets. By late summer, some wasps become aggressive toward people as they shift their focus from insects to sweets. This makes them likely pests around picnic tables and garbage cans. On the other hand, some hornets do not scavenge for food and are generally not hostile toward humans unless they feel threatened.

The DC area has many types of wasps and hornets, which may be present from April through October. Common wasps and hornets found in this area include:

Signs of a Wasp or Hornet Problem

Wasp and hornet problems tend to arise in the spring as the insects begin to build their nests. You may spot social wasps and hornets flying under decks and eaves or even within the walls of a home or garage. Solitary wasps may target piles of soft or loose dirt in your yard. No matter what type of nest, one in close proximity to a home or play area can be dangerous to people and pets.

Get Rid of Wasps and Hornets

Because of the vast range in behaviors and nesting, getting rid of wasps and hornets is a job best left to experts. In fact, merely stepping on a yellowjacket wasp releases pheromones that alert other wasps from its colony. Our team will determine what type of wasp or hornet problem you have and use environmentally responsible products to remove these stinging pests – guaranteed. 

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