Crickets are a common nuisance in our area. Crickets primarily eat plant material and insects. Although crickets typically do not bite humans, in large numbers they have been known to cause noticeable damage to clothing, furniture covers, wallpaper, leather and even rubber.

The most common crickets in our area are camel back crickets and field crickets. Camel back crickets have large light brown bodies and long legs made for jumping. These ugly pests instinctively jump towards motion, which explains why they seem to jump at people. Unlike field crickets, camel back crickets do not make chirping noises. Field crickets are smaller and very dark in color. These crickets exhibit different jumping patterns; they usually do not jump as high as camel back crickets and jump away from movement.

Signs of a Cricket Problem

Crickets primarily live outdoors but sometimes live in damp, moist areas like garages and basements. They are most often seen in homes in the fall, when they seek shelter from dropping temperatures outside. Heavy rainfall can all drive field crickets indoors. In damp, moist houses crickets can be a problem year-round.

Crickets feed at night and less active during the daytime. You can usually tell you have a cricket problem if you see crickets or hear their mating calls, or chirps, at night. Another sign of a cricket infestation is damage to fabrics like curtains and other linens. In the garage, you may notice cricket feces, or black matter, on items stored in the garage. 

Get Rid of Crickets

Since crickets primarily live outdoors, simply getting rid of crickets inside the home is only one part of controlling the problem. We use environmentally responsible products for cricket control both indoors and outdoors. We will also inspect the exterior of your property for hard-to-find cricket entryways and use exclusion techniques to prevent future cricket problems.

We offer one-time cricket control services as well as year-round monitoring and protection against crickets and more than 25 other pests. Whether you choose a one-time treatment or year-round program, we will eliminate your cricket problem. Guaranteed.


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