If you see a hive of bees in your yard or outside your business, one small sting may be the least of your problems. Bees can cause panic, painful stings, and even death in people with allergies.

Common bees in the Washington, DC area include bumble bees, carpenter bees and honey bees. Carpenter bees look similar to bumble bees and build their nests in bare, exposed wood – causing damage to wood siding in barns, homes and outdoor furniture. While male carpenter bees do not sting, the females will sting when provoked. Unlike bumble bees and carpenter bees, honey bees can sting only once. Due to the thick nature of the human skin, once a honey bee stings a human, the stinger will tear loose of the bee’s stomach and the bee will die within a few minutes. The bee releases pheromones, alerting other bees that danger is near the hive. A situation with one bee can escalate into a situation with dozens of bees in a matter of minutes.

Signs of a Bee Problem

Bees are known to peak between April and June, and remain active through August. During this time, they become more adventurous and will fly further from the hive in search of food. When this happens, the likelihood of getting stuck skyrockets. We most commonly find bees in hollow trees and immobile wood or metal structures such as playground equipment or roofs. However, bees also nest inside walls of homes, especially older homes that have less insulation between the walls and studs. Signs of a carpenter bee problem include holes in wood, yellow sawdust and insect waste, which leaves stains on wood.

Get Rid of Bees

If you think you know where your bee problem is coming from, do not disturb the hive. This can cause the bees to release pheromones that will only make your problem worse. The best thing to do is call an expert. We know the best techniques and methods to remove the hive and your bee problem quickly and effectively.

We eliminate bees at the source with environmentally responsible products that target the bees, not your family or pets. To prevent the hive from resurfacing in the future, we use exclusion techniques to block entry holes. Once treatment begins, we follow up until the bees are gone - guaranteed.

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