Pest Control

Get rid of pests with a one-time treatment or protect your home in every season with comprehensive year-round pest control.

 From time to time, we all need pest control assistance. After all, we share our planet with creatures such as roaches, bed bugs, termites, mice, and ants, and these determined pests love to infiltrate our walls and join us in our homes. That’s where Connor’s can help – our comprehensive pest control methods have eliminated pests from Washington, DC area homes and businesses for 70 years. We know how to get results.  

The Connor’s Approach to Pest Control

Our trained technicians understand the lifecycle of every pest, which helps us deliver comprehensive pest control treatments that work. At Connor’s, we use environmentally friendly pest control methods to target unwanted pests while keeping vulnerable children and pets safe. Our holistic approach to pest control combines inspection, identification, and exclusion techniques with the latest environmentally friendly products and materials to eliminate unwanted pests from your home or business.

Pest Control & Product Safety – Where Eco Meets Effective

The professionals at Connor’s know that your #1 priority is to rid your home of unwanted pests, and we share your passion for a pest-free environment. But we understand the need to balance that priority with environmental stewardship in order to protect your family from adverse health risks caused by toxic products.

At Connor’s, we customize a treatment plan to your specific pest challenge after inspecting your home or business to identify the offending pests, what’s attracting them to your home, and their point of entry.

When we need to use pest control products, we use botanical and low-risk products to reduce the risk of adverse reactions for you, your family, and your pets. The good news about the products we use is that they’re safe and effective, so you can feel confident that they will eliminate your pest problem while leaving you unharmed.

Pest Control Solutions for DC/MD/VA Residents

Whether it has six legs, fur, fangs, or all of the above, Connor’s Pest Control can get rid of it for you. Connor’s offers affordable pest control solutions for the DC/MD/VA region. Each pest has its season, so you might have trouble with ants in the spring, mosquitoes in the summer, and termites all year round. The professionals at Connor’s know better than anyone how persistent pests are, and that’s why we have a year-round protection program called Connor’s Protection Plus Plan. This comprehensive superior pest control plan protects you from 32 types of pests and includes individualized monitoring and maintenance as well as unlimited service visits throughout the year. Connor’s is a family-run business that’s been one of the area’s leading pest control companies since 1944, so when you go online and search for “pest control Maryland,” “pest control Richmond VA,” “pest control in Alexandria, VA,” or “pest control Northern Virginia,” click on Connor’s!