Pest Control in Bethesda, MD

Along with being one of the best places to live for people, Bethesda is home to a number of insects and wildlife that often come too close for comfort for home and business owners. Connor’s Pest Control is well acquainted with the nuisances of the Bethesda area. Since 1944, our local family owned business has helped restore peace of mind to Bethesda residents with fast, effective, and safe pest elimination.

Connor’s approach to pest control in Bethesda, MD

Connor’s uses a holistic approach to pest control called integrative pest management (IPM). IPM uses strategies involving pest lifecycles, inspection, identification, exclusion techniques, and low-risk products to safely and quickly eliminate any kind of pest. Using the IPM approach, our experienced technicians locate the source of your pest problem – from squirrels in the attic to wasps near a playground – and eliminate it without putting your family, customers, or pets at risk.

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