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With more than 76,000 residents, Beltsville, MD is the fourth largest city in Maryland. As part of the Washington, DC metro area, Beltsville is buzzing with business, shopping and entertainment, making it a great place to work and play.

Due to its Mid-Atlantic climate, Beltsville tends to buzz with something else – unwanted pests. That’s why Beltsville residents turn to Connor’s Pest Control. Since 1944, our local family owned business has helped Beltsville residents keep their homes and businesses free from our region’s diverse insects and wildlife, including mice, rats, termites, spiders and more.

Connor’s Approach to Pest Control in Beltsville, MD

Connor’s isn’t your usual pest control company. We take pride in our comprehensive pest control approach called integrative pest management (IPM). IPM includes understanding pest lifecycles, inspection and identification, exclusion techniques and environmentally responsible products for fast and safe pest elimination. IPM helps us quickly locate the source of your problem – perhaps you have squirrels in the attic or a swarm of hornets in the yard – and address it quickly without risk to your family, customers or pets.

When you contact Connor’s about a pest issue, we’ll start with a thorough inspection of your Beltsville home or business. This helps us identify the type of pest, as well as infestation hotspots or points of entry. Then, our experienced technicians create a targeted treatment plan using smart exclusion techniques and low-risk products to get rid of your pest problem quickly, effectively and without harm to your customers or loved ones.

Year-Round Pest Protection for Beltsville, MD Residents

Seasonal pest problems are the norm in Beltsville, due to our region’s hot and humid summers and cold, blustery winters. This provides the perfect environment for year-round pest issues, like bees coming too close to decks and play areas in the summer, and mice and spiders entering homes in the winter in search of warmth. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with these nuisances.

In addition to Connor’s one-time treatment services (best for sudden and urgent pest problems), we offer two year-round treatment plans to keep your Beltsville home or business critter-free. Connor’s Protection Plus Plan covers 32 types of pests, including destructive insects like subterranean termites. Connor’s Protection Plus Plan also includes an annual termite inspection and unlimited visits from our team of trained technicians. A second option is the Connor’s Premier Year-Round Service, which protects you from 27 types of common pests like mice and ants.

Compare the two plans to see which is the best fit for your Beltsville home or business. Whether you choose a one-time treatment or the protection of a year-round plan, you can trust Connor’s to get rid of unwanted pests – for good.

Connor’s is proud to serve the following Beltsville areas:

20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20905, 20906, 20910

From Our Customers

"Absolutely the best. We had a problem with ants and bees and these guys fixed the problem... same with some pesky mice. They are always courteous and come on time." – Judy K., Takoma Park, MD
"After a short business trip to New York, I began to suffer from what I thought was a rash. My wife described what we where experiencing to the [Connor’s] call center, and less than four hours later, a technician was at my door accompanied with a little dog named Willy. Less than 10 minutes later, Willy is signaling to my bed that I have BEDBUGS! Connor’s sent a crew to our home and Willy came back two more times just to make sure the bedbugs where gone. This ordeal was stressful, but the staff at Connors made it bearable." – Anthony S., Washington, DC

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